Stephen Minister

Stephen Ministry

This week Br. Bill Finzel recently gave a brief presentation to Village Lodge about his work as a volunteer Stephen Minister for the Stephen Ministry program. This is a non-denominational charity run through Christian churches to council people during life’s difficulties. Stephen Ministers as car-givers are trained to listen, care, and comfort people (care-receivers) who would like someone to walk alongside them as they experience difficult times in their life. These difficulties range from divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, depression, and much more. Everything about the relationship between the Stephen Minister and the care-receiver is confidential, including the identity of the care-receiver. In addition to the confidentiality, the care-receiver can also be assured that the Stephen Minister will be there as long as needed. Anyone seeking additional information on the program or how to start a branch in your local parish, call Stephen Ministries at (314) 428-2600 or visit their information page.