Info About Village Lodge and Freemasonry

Village Lodge Number 274, Free and Accepted Masons since 1856

Info on Village Lodge

Masons played an important part in the founding of Burton Village and continue to serve the surrounding Geauga community today. Discover the story of Village Lodge and Freemasonry in Burton Village. Today the fraternity is open to men from all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds who share a belief in the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. More info on membership qualifications in Ohio and the process of joining Village Lodge can be found here.

The History of Freemasonry

Originating from the Middle Ages as a stonemasons’ guild and eventually transforming into a fraternity, the history of Freemasonry spans many centuries. Its members have had a large impact on the history and culture of our nation. Read more on the history of Freemasonry.

Other Masonic Groups

There are many Masonic organizations besides the fraternity’s lodges. All the lodges in Ohio are under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Masonry hosts youth organizations for boys and girls that develop leadership skills in the next generation. There is an organization for the women in a Mason’s family. And much more! Discover the Masonic organizations in and around Geauga.

Online Masonry

Online Masonry is alive and well on the Internet. From blogs to Google hangouts, there are many outlets for discovering Masonry and interacting with Masons from around the world. Explore some popular online resources for Masonry.