Alcohol Policy at Village Lodge Is Updated

Village Lodge Number 274, Free and Accepted Masons since 1856

Modern Freemasonry was founded in a room above an English tavern. Throughout its history, it has been customary to see beer or wine served in lodges during refreshment. This changed in America during the early 20th century. As the temperance movement gained steam, American grand lodges passed legislation banning alcohol from Masonic lodges in order to better reflect the moral standards of American society during that time in history. The Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio passed such a policy in 1934 in response to the end of federal Prohibition.

In its last meeting, the Grand Lodge of Ohio restored repealed this rule and allowed individual Ohio lodges to set their own rules. This week Village Lodge changed its alcohol policy to permit consumption of alcohol on premises. Please be mindful of the following:

  • Alcohol is not permitted in the dedicated meeting area nor may be used for table lodges or any other Masonic rituals.
  • Intoxication and disorderly conduct of course remain prohibited. Masons should avoid every intemperance that impairs the faculties whether they be in lodge and anywhere else.
  • All laws pertaining to alcohol must be followed: no serving to under-aged brothers, etc.

If you are a home brewer then sharing your craft with the craft is now an approved means of fellowship! Enjoy responsibly.