Terrific 25th Masonic District News – November 2018

Grand Lodge of Ohio 25th District

November 2018

District calendar:

The Following will receive awards at the October 29th District Blue Lodge Association meeting at Evergreen Lodge in Conneaut.

  • Outstanding Entered Apprentice Lecture – WB Mitch W. Hudson from Relief Lodge # 284
  • Outstanding Fellow Craft Lecture – WB Clarence McNeely from Jerusalem Lodge #19
  • Outstanding Master Mason Lecture – WB Roger Redmond from Evergreen Lodge # 222
  • Traveling Man Award – WB Walter C. Robinson from Rockton Lodge #316
  • Traveling Man Award – Brother Joseph Shutack from Rockton Lodge #316
  • Lodge Officers Traveling Award – Rockton Lodge #316
  • Outgoing District Deputy Grand Master RWB James Kowacich, Jr
  • Outgoing Blue Lodge Association President WB Christopher N. Matty

Grand Lodge officers for 2018-2019

  • Grand Master – MWB Jess N. Raines
  • Deputy Grand Master – RWB Keith W. Newton
  • Senior Grand Warden – RWB Richard A. Dickerscheid
  • Junior Grand Warden – RWB Timothy S. Wheeland
  • Grand Treasurer – MWB Steven E. Cokonougher
  • Grand Secretary – MWB C. Michael Watson
  • Grand Chaplain – RWB David L. Hank
  • Grand Orator – RWB Steven M. Grindle
  • Grand Marshall – RWB Paul A. Weglage
  • Senior Grand Deacon – RWB William M. Carter III
  • Junior Grand Deacon – RWB Shawn A. Johnson
  • Grand Tyler – RWB Shaun R. Marolt

New District Deputy Grand Master for the 25th RWB Rick Memmer from Charity Lodge. His Installation to be held at Charity Lodge on October 31st, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

RWB Robert Homoly was appointed as the 25th District Advisor from Grand Lodge.