2016 Annual Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Ohio

Seal of the Grand Lodge of Ohio

The 2016 annual communication meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ohio recently took place, and a few changes to the Ohio Masonic code were approved. Below is a summary of the changes as read at Village Lodge’s last meeting. For the official code changes, please monitor this link. The annual proceedings of every year are published there. 2016 is not online yet, but it is forthcoming. Here is a summary of the code changes, but please consult the proceedings for the official text in the event what I have posted here isn’t completely accurate; I have not seen the original text of the legislation other than the first item.

  • Lodges may rent public recreation areas of buildings for events where alcohol is served. The caterer must must have a proper liquor license and must carry all liability insurance related to serving alcohol. The lodge must also obtain approval from the grand master or his designee prior to undertaking this provision.
  • Masonic logos may be used on published materials related to your own businesses.
  • Clandestine rituals are no longer illegal.
  • Lodges may not have games of chance, like raffles.